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Monday, October 16, 2006

No Point To The Big Idea

Yesterday I watched Sky's heavily promoted "The Big Idea" with Ruth Badger of  "The Apprentice" fame and sundry other people.

In principle "The Big Idea" is a good idea itself.

The downside is it's implementation.

For example inventors who claim to have a "Big Idea" are provided with the opportunity to present their idea to a panel of 3 experts. Sort of like an idea audition.

The auditions looked cheesy and unlike "Dragon's Den" there seemed little attempt to tart up the set so that it looked interesting. Rather it looked just like the judges were sat behind a couple of tables covered with a cloth in an anonymous hotel somewhere.

It looks as though all it takes is for one expert to say it's a good idea for that idea to get through to be seen in the studio for the series proper.

The ideas that got through were road tested by a "mad inventor" and I did quite enjoy a couple of those.

The ideas themselves?

Actually they weren't bad.  Would they sell? Who knows...

As for the first episode I turned it off after watching the first half  I just found it unappealing and uninteresting. 


I think there's much too much talking from the experts, Ruth Badger and the studio presenter and not enough questions to the inventor.

It also seemed very disjointed. For each "Big Idea" there was a review of the original audition, with a couple of failing big ideas thrown in, a try at using the big idea and getting some feedback by the "mad inventor" and then the introduction to the studio audience and the experts (again) of the big idea.

Now you know my keenness on business-related programmes. So I'm extremely disappointed that "The Big Idea" is a damp squib for me.

It may be a ratings winner, but not for me.  I am going to have another look next week. But if it fails to impress again that's going to be it.

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