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Friday, October 27, 2006

SEO Copywriting King Surfaces

I've had an invitation to join Blogger Beta for several months now.

But I haven't felt inclined to move to it because you can't move old postings or my tweaked template to it.

Finally I decided there are ways to get posts from Marketing for Power Packed Profits and anyway I could create another blog specifically about SEO Copywriting.

A subject that I know is dear to the heart of many an Internet user.

So I logged into my Blogger Beta account and was very pleasantly surprised to find some great improvements:

  • The ability to tag (or label) posts
  • The ability to show the labels on the side bar
  • The ability to drag and drop page elements, including Adsense
It's definitely an enormous leap forward for Blogger and I'm pleased to start using it.

The blog I've created is called SEO Copywriter King

So check out my first post and I'll see you there!

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