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Friday, October 06, 2006

Does Your Firm Use These Excuses For Avoiding Blogging?

My previous post on well-known companies that blog really points to the fact that the UK and Europe are in danger of missing a trick on the marketing front.

As the Internet makes it easier and easier to order goods and services world-wide it means we're looking at web sites and blogs to decide whether to do business with people. Whether  they're just down the road from us or 2 continents away!

These 12 reasons (or excuses) for not blogging make interesting reading.

I'd add another 3 reasons/excuses:

13) "We blogged for a few months and it didn't work"

A few months is not enough. Plus you need to really know what you're doing. After all why should your blog get read amongst the millions out there. You need a proper blog strategy and action plan.

14) "We just don't have the time"

OK. Would you have the time if you started placing a lot higher in the search engine pages? Oh and by the way don't think this great way of placing higher by using blogging will last - it wont. Do it now or lose out.

15) "No really we have no one who can do it"

Get someone else to blog for you. I blog on behalf of other companies. Other do too. I suggest that whoever you employ you read their blog before approaching them. Whatever you do don't take on any blogger who hasn't been blogging for at least a year and with regular postings.


Because they need to enjoy writing. And the ability to stick at it through thick and thin on your behalf.

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