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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Apprentice

Ok I admit it I've just got too much of a troubleshooter mentality to avoid programs about business.

I realise now that I'm seriously addicted to series like Dragon's Den (BBC 2), Risking It All (Channel 4), Trouble At The Top, Back To The Shopfloor, The Apprentice (with Donald Trump) and The Apprentice (with Alan Sugar) and finally Mind Your Own Business and The Armstrongs.

Of course before that it was the Troubleshooter series with Sir John Harvey-Jones.

Why am I and so many other people addicted to the real life on the shopfloor?

I think it's because often the someone working at the sharp end of a business sees what's going wrong and would like to get it working right but feels that bosses don't or wont listen.

A TV series where consultants dissect business problems and suggests solutions that we can see them return to review is fascinating and proof that we could do the same!

Often it's a calmer, less worried eye that a consultant can bring to a business. That means almost anyone with an ounce of commonsense could point out the problems. And yes I know commonsense is not that common.

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