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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The UK Apprentice Leaves Xenon Green For Greener Pastures

Michelle Dewberry has left Amstrad to start her own consultancy...

Good luck to her.

Her public name is going to get her into companies that a small one man consultancy would normally be unable to penetrate.


Because of human curiosity. Managers and directors in small, medium and large firms are curious just like anyone.

They're going to want to say to their partner after a hard day at the office, "I talked to Michelle Dewberry/Ruth Badger/"Any other Apprentice celeb" today and you know what? I think they're..."

So good luck Michelle, I hope you're as successful as Ruth Badger who is now reputedly a millionaire.

I'll be watching this coming season's Apprentice because I think more and more people are doing reality TV to get noticed and not necessarily to pick up the prize offered to the finalist.

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