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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Marketing Webinar Fails To Make The Grade

I'd signed up to listen to Chris Cardell's view on the "Seven Essential Strategies for Stunning Business Success" today.

You may ask, "why if I'm such a marketing and copywriting expert would I do that?"

Good question...

Gary Halbert was asked why he was attending a very basic marketing seminar. His answer?

He said he didn't know everything and to learn just one thing could be a benefit to him.

So I too always hope to learn at least one new thing I can implement or use for myself and my clients.

So I got a reminder email from Chris Cardell telling me to phone in early so we could start on time.

Good marketing so far...

So naturally I phone in 7 or 8 minutes early.

Then I wait....

And wait ...

During the call at intervals I hear scrabbling of paper, breathing and then someone saying something like "this is too late" and ringing off.

I'm sure you get the picture.

Anyway, so I start doing other stuff and eventually (after about 25-30 minutes) an operator comes on the phone to say the call has been canceled due to technical problems.

Oh dear. 

Canceling a call is not a major issue. After all this is technical stuff.

However, the way it was canceled should have been handled better , for example:

  1. Email everyone on the call to say it had been canceled, explain the reason, apologise and offer something for free 
  2. Tell the operator exactly what to say to the people still hanging on like grim death. This should also be along the lines of an apology, explanation and a freebie.
  3. Then follow-up again with an emailed apology
  4. Finally re-introduce the webinar at a different date

Having said all with my process improvement hat on I would make some changes to the webinar procedure Chris is using. Changes that would benefit him and his listeners.

There are other things Chris could have done. What do you think would have worked best?

When you've had a think I'll let you know what Chris himself did.

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