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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Corporate Blog Charter - Do Companies Need One?

Corporate blogging, company blogging, commercial blogging or whatever else you want to call it. It's getting up a head of steam now. 

Fortune 500 companies in the USA are using it because it gives them a unique face amongst all the "me too"'s out there.

Where The USA is the rest of the world follows. Sometimes 10 years later it has to be said. Although given the speed of the Internet that time span is highly unlikely.

So how should a company blog? What about a blogging charter?


Here's my starter list, see what you think.

  1. Have a Blogging policy
  2. Post regularly - and no that doesn't mean 2-3 times per day.
  3. Post a consistent message 
  4. Respond to reader feedback quickly
  5. Allow blog conversations to develop
  6. Realise criticism will be made of the company and don't over react to it
  7. Only allow blogs by people who can commit to regular postings with good content
  8. Don't allow the CEO to blog - this is being discussed elsewhere at the moment
  9. If exposure worries you don't blog
  10. Don't pay other bloggers to post puff pieces about you
  11. Understand that the blog becomes the informal voice of your company
  12. Take blogging as seriously as you take advertising
  13. Don't meddle with the bloggers words, otherwise they become "company-speak"  and your message wont be believed
  14. Ignore those who tell you that you shouldn't make money with a blog. That's like saying that because browsers are allowed in a bookshop you shouldn't sell books there
  15. Before making predictions, forecasts,snide comments or insider jokes remember that above every other marketing communication tool the Internet and blog content remain available for years

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