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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

At Last! The Internet Can Be Used For Good - Says Manchester PR firm

So trumpeted an article about one of Manchester's PR firms yesterday.

Excuse me?

I couldn't believe that a PR firm is only realising now that the web makes PR and other marketing so much more available to everyone.

Journalists can now go to sites and search for releases relevant to their current stories. They almost don't need to look at releases coming into their offices "normally".

In the article they christened their products "e-PR"...

Hmm. I thought we'd got rid of the "e-" bit. After all as I keep saying the Internet is another communication channel. Clients should expect that you'll use it. Without having to label it specially.

Just as we don't call releases sent by broadcast fax "fax-PR!"

Savvy marketers know about blogs, podcasts, video blogs, pay per click campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO). So for a PR firm to say that they've only now recruited someone to specialise in it makes you wonder.

By now selected online marketing and pr tactics must be integrated with offline tactics under an overall marketing strategy.

Otherwise the client is in severe danger of not getting access to the whole of their market.

The article talks excitedly about blogs, podcasts and many other Internet goodies. And rightly so...

Only if you're jumping on a bandwagon it's always wise to make sure you've leaping on at the same time as everyone else.

Does your marketing firm choose ALL the tactical marketing and PR elements you need to implement your chosen marketing strategy?

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