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Friday, September 08, 2006

Ogilvy's Advertising Crystal Ball - Part III

We've done the first two parts of David Ogilvy's predications. Let's look at some more.

Quality & Efficiency Of Overseas Advertising Will Improve

This is such a difficult and emotive question. Advertising is very culture-biased. So really the only measurement of improvement is from research with the people who live in each country.

Speaking from a UK point of view (because we're overseas from the USA) I believe our advertising has undergone the following changes:

  • On TV and Radio it's faster
  • In the press it's got glossier, look at the number of papers that use colour now
  • The writing has improved and humour is used much more than it was
  • Advertising doesn't take itself too seriously
  • There's more location based adverts

That said I've lost count of the number of adverts where I think:

  • "Great looking Ad - what are they selling"
  • "I want one - but I can't see how to get one from the Ad"
  • "I don't believe what I'm being told"

And of course our old friend the Internet has muddied the international advertising waters.


Because web sites and blogs are adverts themselves. Then those adverts have banner adverts on and clicking on those can lead to yet other adverts!

And all those Internet adverts are now global and can be seen by anyone with access to the Internet.

Foreign Agencies Will
Open and Prosper In The USA

Yes, globalisation of companies has led to large multi-national companies basing themselves wherever they can optimise their sales, minimise their costs and increase their profits.

Multi-Nationals Will
Market Brands World-wide

Absolutely, spot on.

Everyone knows MacDonalds, British Airways, Virgin, Quantas, Hertz, FedEx, Dominos, KFC.

He was right on the money with that prediction.

PS Look at Ogilvy's Advertising Crystal Ball - Part I for comment on the first few predictions

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