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Friday, September 15, 2006

Ogilvy's Advertising Predictions Completed

We're now on the last two predictions in David Ogilvy's fascinating book "Ogilvy on Advertising".

You can see my take on his other predictions here:

Now let's look at those last two predictions...

Direct Response Advertising No
Longer A Separate Speciality

 Ogilvy was convinced that the agencies would see the benefits of direct response advertising and sweep up all the specialist agencies into the generalist agencies.

Just looking at the adverts generated by most agencies shows exactly how far this has happened...

Not much!

Direct response is still not really used by the big agencies. After all it's probably not as pretty as the glossy ads they want to produce to show off to their mates in the industry.

TV Commercials To Be Produced
At A More Sensible Cost

Some TV adverts do have reasonable costs. However, shooting adverts in exotic locations where products and services don't warrant them still happens.

It's not just the cost that's the issue it's are they cost effective. That is do the adverts make more money than the cost?

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