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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ogilvy's Advertising Crystal Ball - Part II

Let's get right to it and look at David's next few predictions.

The Clutter Of Commercials
Will Be Brought Under Control

I'm afraid not.

Advertising has increased substantially over the years since these predictions. And the Internet simply lowered the bar to allow micro businesses to advertise their wares easily.

The Internet allows almost anyone to use simple web site ads, Adsense ads, emails and full blown e-commerce sites.

I've already posted about the enormous increase in email and spam.

Vast Increase In Advertising
By Government

Ogilvy thought the increase would be particularly in Health Education.

I think there's no doubt that there has been a massive increase in advertising by the government.

PQ Media released a report that showed Political Spending on Advertising and Marketing Communications Doubles in 2004.

PQ Media note, "The largest gains in share from 2000 to 2004 have come from cable television, direct mail and the Internet, all of which still only hold single-digit shares of total political spending."

Although this report is based on a comparison between 2000 and 2004 presidential elections a similar expanded use of marketing has occurred at government level too.

From my jaundiced eye it seems to be mainly to do with political correctness and with making sure populations are fed the "right" view of how governments perform.

Some people have labeled this "spin".

Advertising To Play a
Part In Population Control

There's little doubt that advertising has been used in an attempt to control population.

Singapore and India have certainly tried it. Whether it worked as hoped I can't say.

Similarly China's "One Child" rule is known by the whole population. Again whether that works and maintains the gender balance is another question entirely.

Candidates For political Office Will
Stop Using Dishonest Advertising

Yes, and pigs might fly.

Look at the words that come from the mouths of politicians.

Some of them have the cheek to lie bare-faced.

They even go on radio, or TV and claim to be innocent of sleaze, wrong-doing, machinations or other skullduggery.

Face it...

Dishonest advertising by politicians will never stop.

Look Out For The Next Power Posting...

Next time I'll look at the global predictions Ogilvy made , until then "happy advertising".

PS Look at Ogilvy's Advertising Crystal Ball - Part I for comment on the first few predictions

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