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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blogger Beta I've A Bone To Pick With You!

Ok I love Blogger Beta.

And thanks for transferring all my blogs without trauma or incident.

My only problem is that my favourite blog (read that as the one I post most to) won't takes posts from my blog client of choice (Windows Live Writer).

Yet Windows Live Writer works with my other blogs.

For this blog Live Writer seems to send the post to Blogger fine. Then it displays the Blog ok too. But it only shows the previous posting that I input into Blogger.

That means I can't easily tag them.

And it also means that if I use Live Writer I have to copy and paste the HTML into Blogger Beta to get it to show up on the blog.

All in all it makes the blogging I've been used to much more long-winded.

Blogger Beta also keeps asking me if I'd like to update my template (and lose all customisation) - no thanks... only

I think that's the reason I can't post to the blog anymore.

Tomorrow I'll bite the bullet and update my template. So things may look very different tomorrow!

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