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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Gift Idea For The Business Man or Woman In Your Life

In some ways Christmas Gift Ideas for the business man, or woman, is relatively easy.

Would you be happy getting a gift that people on Amazon had said the following about?

  • "After reading this, you really believe you can do it!" (Tony Gough)
  • "Truly Inspirational - You will not want to put it down!" (Craig Parks)
  • "Brilliant, Fantastic, Unbelivable and a great read!" (A. Moss)
I'll tell you which business book they're talking about in a moment.

Remember your average business person is busy almost the entire rest of the year and probably don't have much time to spare.

At Christmas they usually have the luxury of being able to sit down with a good book. But...

That book had better be worth their while. This one is.

Obviously I recommend a number of books through my "Recommended" button at the bottom of each post. This is now my first and top recommendation.

The one book that I think every person in business must read, and profit from, is Duncan Bannatyne's autobiography called "Anyone Can Do It: The Autobiography".

I've enjoyed seeing and speaking to Duncan at a couple of seminars I attended in London and he had plenty of commonsense things to say.

And as they say commonsense is really not that common, so it was very refreshing.

"Anyone Can Do It: The Autobiography" explains how Duncan Bannatyne went from 30 year old drifter without a penny to his name living in a council house to a multi-millionaire. During that explanation Duncan throws light on business and how to look at it with the right attitude.

You can click on my "Recommendations" button or you can click on the book title here: "Anyone Can Do It: The Autobiography" to check out the reviews and a little more about the book. Then I urge you to buy it, you'll be very pleased you did.


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