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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let's Scrap Web 2.0 And Move to The Darwinian Web!

Web 2.0 and social media covers sites such as blogcritics,, Digg, Furl, reddit, MySpace, Facebook, Second Life and many others that allow social interactions that go beyond email.

And for social media to work for business it needs to have:

  • Transparency
  • Honest relationships
  • Relevant and appropriate content
  • Dispassionate observations for news

So Why Scrap Web 2.0?

I was reading a blog posting called "99 Tips to (Cheaply) Brand a Start-up" and although the posting was really about marketing I noticed it had quite a few diggs so I went to the Digg page.

When I checked the comments out I noticed a number of thoughts about social media that are in-line with my own.

My thoughts on Web 2.0 boil down to this:

  • It's Difficult to validate who has expertise to add content
  • Fake or spam content is easily added to lead to sales pages
  • Voting for articles is easily rigged
  • It's difficult to know who you're really talking to
  • No news report is ever dispassionate

So why not scrap the "Web 2.0" tag and move on. Let's just call it part of the web. Just as we stopped making a huge fuss about e-commerce, or e-anything.

Is There Anything Beyond Web 2.0?

If we need to look beyond where we are now let's look at video conferencing via the net, lets look at interactive TV, let's look at ways of validation and let's make sure that the web remains open to content rather than just "authorised content".

And let the reader or user of that content do their own homework to check its validity.

Do we call that Web 3.0? Or do we simply recognise that the web is a Darwinian organism where introduced changes that work are kept and those that don't die off?

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1 comment:

COMEDY KID said...

I am sure they will coin the phrase "Web 2.1" or say possibly "Web 3.0" next, just like any other BETA software development projects. I suggest something like "Web 2.006.12b" to represent BETAs and a date (2.006 is year, .12b means beta Decmeber).

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