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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Should Bloggers Be Professional Journalists?

A recent post on the Online Press Gazette reports that the Media Bloggers Association suggests it would be a very good thing if its members used their own names, demonstrate they have worked as professional journalists and take a course on legal issues related to blogging.

All good stuff. The only question I've got is this ...

What about all the bloggers who don't join the Media Bloggers Association?

Does that mean they won't be read?

Obviously if they've got interesting stuff they're going to be read. So how does setting up an Association make people better bloggers.

Maybe the key point here is that they say the bloggers need to demonstrate their credentials as professional journalists.


Well personally although I've written articles for magazines I wouldn't call myself a professional journalist. And let's be slightly serious here. How many bloggers out there are going to go and get professional journalism experience just so they can write their blog?

No, it isn't going to happen.


PS For those who want to know my journey southwards playing Santa was made a much longer trip. All because after Doncaster I met massive amounts of fog which slowed me down. Although not everyone seemed unable to see and I had several mad people zip past me at something like 70-80 miles per hour compared to my 40!

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