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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Business Cards

Father Christmas Says Ho Ho Ho!Has anyone thought of doing Business cards with a Christmas theme? I just suddenly thought of it and it's something I've put in my diary for next year.

With companies like Vistaprint it's so easy to get cards made up for any special occasion.

You can put in a special Chrismtas gift offer on the card.

Equally there are so many other special dates around Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter Eed, Hanukkah to name a few.

By the way Happy Hanukkah!

Moving on...

There's no doubt that the more personalised you can make your message the more likely it is that the person receiving it is going to be interested.

How about you?

Do you got some special occassion that you and the people you supply like to celebrate? Get some cards done.

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