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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Gifts For the Business Person In Your Life

There's no doubt the Internet has radically altered the way we all do business.

We shop for everything online.

We're able to weigh up the opinions of the hundreds of people who review products. And remember it isn't a job but just for fun or to warn people off!

I write reviews for Blogcritics. And I was so pleased with an Archos personal video recorder that I reviewed that I posted an Archos review article on this site too.

I'm sure you find Christmas difficult when you're buying a business friend a present. I do too. I usually end up giving the gift of knowledge through books or CDs.

And as I love to let people know what I think are goodies I set-up an Amazon Astore.

The reason?

Because I wanted somewhere where I can recommend the books I think can make a big difference in any business persons life. And not have to keep thinking about which books are the best!

Plus although I may tell someone about one particular book - my favourite at the moment is Duncan Bannatyne's autobiography.

Update: I like many before me keep mistakenly referring to Duncan as "Duncan Ballantyne" - which is plain wrong. It should be Duncan Bannatyne so my apologies for that. I've also just completed a Power Packed Business Growth review of Duncan's book: Anyone Can Do It: The Autobiography

People can also check out the other 9 or 10 books I recommend too.

Obviously Astore's can make you a little bit of money (and I stress the little because it's pence) but they're worth setting up so you can recommend books to your friends. And they can check whether they'd like one for Christmas too...

In reality Astores can sell anything on Amazon. But my purpose is to purely tell people about exciting, intriguing, strategic and useful business books. I may extend it to business related DVDs or CDs in the New Year, it depends on whether people are finding it useful.

You can check out my Astore by clicking on the button in any post. If you've a blog I recommend you get your own Astore - it's not hard to set-up but it really is useful.

Right, I'm off to try and unblock my toilet! Urgh...

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