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Friday, December 15, 2006

John Carlton's Operation Money Suck

John Carlton writes beautiful copy. Now I don't mean it's highly polished or it flows when read or all the words are spelt correctly.

I mean the copy is beautiful because it works.

I was reading the 11 free issues of his ezine from his Marketing Rebel site and after each issue I read I kept getting the urge to sign up for his yearly subscription.

And that's all copywriting is there to do - get sales.

Look at John's site, his blog and the free ezine issues and you'll get some ideas for writing your own copy.

Of course you could get John to write a sales letter for you. After all the costs only start from $20,000 plus 5% gross.

To get great copy pick up the phone and call me now on 0161 278 1919.

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