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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Coolest Guy On The Planet Is Bill Gates

Someone who's not only made their billions but is doing their level best to go the grave a poor man by giving it all away surely deserves that ultimate accolade?

Now you know so much about marketing would you say he made his billions by using astute branding?

Well check Apple out their branding is much cooler and yet they're still not in Bill's league. Although maybe their Ipod and it's video cousin will help there.

And when Bill started his company simply supplied just one more component of the IBM PC - the DOS operating system. The Windows brand was not even on paper then. And does anyone remember what Microsoft's brand or logo were at the beginning?

Maybe branding isn't as cut and dried as the experts suggest...

I'm currently writing an article on branding that explains my thinking further on this subject and how companies can capitalise on it.

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