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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Apprentice - Special Dedicated Site

I'll make this short and sweet!

You've read my previous postings on The Apprentice with Sir Alan Sugar. I dissect the tasks, peoples approaches and my thoughts on who should be fired and who should win.

In fact I'm so interested about the whole Apprentice experience that I've also watched the US version with Donald Trump and Martha Stewart. I didn't review those episodes but in future I intend to.

So rather than overload this blog with my thoughts on the UK and US The Apprentice show I've created a new Web 2.0 site called "The Apprentice - Fires You Up".

On the site I've got a poll where after each show you can vote for who you thought should have been fired.

I've also got a whole load of Apprentice related products, both US and UK, for the Apprentice fanatics .

The site searches for and displays Apprentice-related news and posts from other blogs so you can see what others are saying about The Apprentice.

So check it out at the Squidoo site: "The Apprentice - Fires You Up".


Rob Artisan said...


don't you think it is all about show business?

The last winner barely lasted a few months before she was sacked.

Sir Alan would be happy to chose Steve McLaren to run his business as the publicity is so tremendous and cheap.

Still, I hope your site does well


Jim Symcox said...


If I was in Sir Alan's shoes I would be ecstatic that the BBC was paying me to find a really fantastic person to help run part of my company.

That's why he was under-impressed by the quality of the series 2 contenders.

The result was that he insisted on much higher quality people for series 3. Check out their CVS/audition videos and you'll see for yourself.

Although, of course, we still have lots of pretension and fluff on the videos. When we get into the series proper it should be better.

Thanks for your good wishes too on my Squidoo lens.


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