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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Purple Paint Mayhem In The Office!

About a week ago the council came and dug out a completely blocked storm grid a few yards up the road from our house. At the time Kay said, "well it wont be long before our drains block up because of all the sand from that drain."

Yesterday was that day!

So putting this blog onto the backburner and armed with just a toothbrush, ok a toilet/washbasin drain unblocker...I set off to do my unblocking duties.

After about an hour I realised I needed something with more oomph. So I trekked around the DIY stores until I found a rod drain set. I bought the longest set of rods possible.

We've two drain access points on our sloping drive. One at the top and one at the bottom.

If I tell you that we fit 5 family sized cars on the drive you'll understand why we need two drain access holes. Otherwise the rods couldn't reach to the drain in the road.

So, anyway...

I spent 5 hours rodding the bottom drain. Eventually I cleared all the blockage, but the water level didn't drop.

So I suddenly thought, "I wonder if the top drain is blocked to the road drain?"

Of course it was, so I started rodding that. After about half an hour I realised it was blocked with silt - most likely from the drain that had been dug out. Worse I couldn't move any of it.

In the end I realised I needed to get council help, so I left it and went into the house.

As I entered Kay said, "your youngest daughter has spilt a gallon of paint all over your office and one of the PCs."

My jaw dropped.

A few weeks ago my youngest had brought in a 10 litre can of paint to stand on next to me to interrogate me when I'm coaching people.

And although Kay kept reminding me to take the paint out of the office I'd left it there...

I had visions of paint all over my lovely TFT monitor, the keyboard, the brand new Logitech optical wireless mouse, my brand new leather executive chair, my digital camera, my DV recorder and all the other boys toys I've accumulated.

When I got to the office it was mayhem. After I'd cleared up the few litres of paint slowly sinking into the carpet and removing the USB cables that had been liberally doused it didn't look too bad.

I've taken a picture and will get it loaded shortly and you can see what you think!


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Rob Artisan said...


make sure next time you get it on video as you can earn £200 if they show it on TV


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