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Friday, March 16, 2007

Fired From The Apprentice And It Wasn't Fair

The final part of Sir Alan Sugar's "The Apprentice" was shown on the BBC for Red Nose Day today.The Apprentice

We'd reached the point where the losing team had to return to the boardroom to go through why things had gone so badly wrong.

After all they were raising money for charity and the boys team had not raised even half as much as the girl's team.

Danny Baker got a slight "grilling" over the fact that they weren't charging enough for the food they were selling. The girls had been charging enormous amounts - £1,000 for a sausage roll for instance.

The boys tried to play the creativity card. Which rather reminded me of how design agencies point to awards as justification for the amount of money a client has spent with them - rather than more profitable sales!

In the end the boys team decided to have Piers Morgan, Alasadair Campbell and Danny Baker back in for Sir Alan to decide who to fire.

It was clear that Danny who'd admitted his mistake over the food pricing was small beer in the mistakes category.

Whereas in my opinion Campbell had made a complete pigs ear of the whole task. He said that when Morgan had suggested that he could get lots of banking millionaires to turn up he'd thought he could leave it to him to get the money!

I'm sorry but someone who was at the centre of government who can say that worries me immensely.

Even if Piers Morgan had managed to sell the tickets to millionaires Alsadair Campbell should also have been dredging his own address book to get the countless other millionaires he knows to fork over the cash.

Campbell tried to lay the blame at Morgan's door by saying that he'd promised the millionaires but didn't deliver.

Equally, Morgan pointed out that Campbell couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery and didn't even know how to handle a stapler.

In the end Morgan kept on bleating on about how he'd got 80% of the money they raised, and remember this is roughly a third of that raised by the girls.

So Morgan was fired. Wrongly in my opinion he had worked his socks off - even if he was a major irritant to Campbell. Campbell by contrast didn't seem to actually do anything and yet wasn't fired.

All good clean fun for the Comic Relief charity. So well done to all the teams, Alan Sugar and his "two right hand men."

Next time BBC use the phone vote system so that the great British public can have a say on the who should go and who should stay.


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