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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who Is The Coolest Guy On The Planet Now?

The coolest guy on the planet must be Seth Godin because his blog remains at the top of The Viral Gardens top 25 Marketing blogs.

And what a difference a year makes in the blogosphere.

Blogs have entered and dropped out of the ratings, as you can see from the table below.

New entries in our March dip into the Viral Gardens latest top 25 are shown in red.

You can also see 11 blogs that are in the top 25 but which weren't there in either, or both, of April or October 2006 (shown as ??).






Oct 2007


Seth's Blog  5,244 1  5,310  1
 Creating Passionate Users    15,868  18,540  5
 Gaping Void  18,440  18,694  3
 Duct Tape Marketing  18,572 4  18,072  4
 Marketing Shift  32,244 5  34,643  6
 Daily Fix  48,322 6  42,028  ??


52,658 7 108,084 16   ??
 New School Of Network Marketing  67,735 8  94,440 11   ??
 Drew's Marketing Minute  68,591 9  Not in ??   ??
 The Viral Garden  71,051 10  78,971 10   ??
 Influential Interactive Marketing  73,087  11  Not in ??   ??
 Coolzor  93,215  12  52,950  7  11
 Logic + Emotion  97,286  13  107,072 15   ??
 Church of the Customer  114,885  14  68,690  9  9
 What's Next  125,489  15  98,694  13  10
 Marketing Headhunter  139,215  16  Not in ??   ??
 Marketing Nirvana  140,825  17  141,852  18  ??
 Brand Autospy  142,591  18  98,282  12  8
 Diva Marketing  145,362  19  189,487  20  16
 Jaffe Juice  149,683  20  146,177 19   13
 Spare Change  173,551  21  237,221 24   ??
 Hee-Haw Marketing  194,217  22  Not in ??   ??
 Pro Hip-Hip - Hip-Hop Marketing  202,258  23  206,218  21  ??
 Experience Curve                                203,228  24  110,511  17  ??


 CK's Blog 220,114  25  Not in  ??   ??

Marketing For Power
Business Growth

 375,470  ??  Not in  ??  ??

Looks like I'm beginning to catch up in Alexa rankings. Will it make any difference to the erudite comments I get if I get into the top 25?

Blogs that have dropped out since I looked in October 2006 are:

Blog Title Original
 Emergence Marketing 14 
 Brains on Fire 22 
 Marketallica 23 
 Beyond Madison Avenue  25

Here's an interesting thought...

Why have certain blogs dropped out of the top 25 marketing blogs list?

 Are they not posted to enough, too much or the content is worse, too verbose or boring?

By the way, please accept my apologies as I did promise to give you the 5 things you really need to grow your business. I didn't manage to give you them yesterday or today. Don't worry I'll list them soon.



Spike Jones said...


Spike from Brains on Fire here. I'm not gonna pretend to know how the rankings thing works, but while our Alexa ranking has dropped, all of our other rankings have either stayed pretty level, or gone up (Technorati, Bloglines, etc.). We actually have more links from more new blogs since we were dropped from the Viral Top 25.

Rankings make my head hurt.

Jim Symcox said...

Hi Spike,

I think the ranking is purely based on Alexa. So inevitably it's going to be less than you'd expect. As you know installing the Alexa toolbar is how Alexa gathers its "votes". And not everyone has Alexa installed.

Perhaps we should include weightings for Technorati and Bloglines too?

I'll have a ponder on that one!


Spike Jones said...

Yeah, I knew that his is based on Alexa, and that's cool. (Mack is a great guy, BTW.)

Coming up on out blog's second birthday, I would venture to say that we're not as concerned with rankings as we once were. Oh, sure, we still like to check them, but, as you know, it's not really about that. It's about connecting with kindred spirits and having conversations with them.

Keep up the great work!


Toby said...

Thanks for taking the time to put this chart together. Much appreciated. I agree with you on the posting frequency. I've seen Diva Marketing drop with less frequent posting.

I wonder how bloggers, who have multiple feeds, would fare if Alexa (and T-rati) were combined. My blog, has 3 unique feeds. Would be interesting to see if the Top 25 changed much.

Jim Symcox said...

Thanks Toby,

Interestingly enough today my Alexa blog rating changed from 375,470 to 381,335! Mind you I didn't post every day this week...

Creating a new ranking system based on several feeds could be interesting. Although I wonder how you could draw the line? And exactly what should you use as a measurement?


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