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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Great News For Business People!

The Apprentice

The Apprentice 2007 kicks off in 7 days time, on the 28th March and at the same time transfers from BBC2 to BBC1.

Sir Alan had commented on the poorer quality of the Series 2 Apprentices. He believes series 3's candidates are a better calibre, although he notes that in the first task they make the same mistakes as the apprentices in series 2.

According to the BBC's news release the people to look out for are:

  • Jadine Johnson
  • Tre Azam
  • Simon Ambrose

Personally I wished they hadn't highlighted anyone because now I'm thinking one of them is going to win. Remember you heard it here first!

The Daily Mail shows a group photo of the New Apprentices with Sir Alan Sugar and then shows individual pictures and a short thumbnail on each person. The full line up is as follows:




 Ifti Chaudri  33  Egham, Surrey
 Rory Laing  27  Bristol
 Sophie Kain  32 Llanellen, Wales
 Jadine Johnson  27  Harrow
 Andy Jackson  36 Kirriemuir, Scotland
 Naomi Lay  26  Vauxhall, London
 Gerri Blackwood  33  Woking
 Simon Ambrose  27  Clapham, London
 Katie Hopkins  31  Exeter
 Adam Hosker  27  Blackburn
 Lohit Kalburgi  25  London
 Kristina Grimes  36  Harrogate
 Ghazal Asif  23  Glasgow
 Tre Azam  27  Loughton, Essex
 Paul Callaghan  27  Southhampton
 Natalie Wood  29  Upminster


The tasks the 16 strong group face include the following:

  • Sell British farm produce at a French farmers' market
  • Design dog accessories
  • Create a new brand of trainers
  • Sell art photography at a gallery
  • Produce and sell sweets at London Zoo
  • Sell coffee on a busy high street

Plus there are two international tasks...

Sounds great!

The Apprentice: You're Fired show which interviews the latest fired candidate continues. The BBC Apprentice web pages will be back with previews, teasers and other bits to keep us keen.

But for goodness sake BBC let's have an interesting competition for the fans.

The only downside is that Jo Cameron (who the BBC sees as memorable) is going to comment on the tasks, the candidates and her own "recollections of the Boardroom" - YAWN. The BBC used Saira from series 1 to comment last year and again I wasn't impressed by her business acumen.

I'll also be commenting on the tasks and the contenders and what happens. And I'm willing to bet that Jo and I have completely different views.

Last year The Times had a good column on The Apprentice written by James Max. I don't know whether Max is writing a similar column this year as he's now pretty busy with his radio show and apparently an upcoming TV show too.


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