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Monday, March 12, 2007

Nest Building, Squirrels And Attics

It's Baby Squirrel Time!

Several weeks ago I mentioned to some friends that I had a squirrel in the attic. At first they thought I was using squirrel to mean the same thing as "bats in the belfry" to indicate that I'd finally flipped.


In fact I've spent some time chasing this squirrel out of the loft. I destroyed two nests it had made and finally invested in a squirrel deterrent.

"So what's a squirrel deterrent?" I can almost hear you mutter.

It's an electronic gizmo that creates a noise that squirrels hate but that's inaudible to us humans.

So I duly installed said gizmo and hey presto all went quiet, although every now and then the squirrel would venture into the loft it was much less often, or so I thought.

Then a few days ago we noticed a squirrel standing on our roof fighting off a magpie. Kay immediately said, "I bet it's protecting babies."

"No, no I've got this brilliant gizmo that scares squirrels off", I responded.

That night the children shouted down to say that something was scratching in the attic.

So up I went. And of course a squirrel went flying across the attic and out of a hole in the eaves.

When I turned the light back to where it had come from and removed an old baby bath I saw the two baby squirrels lying in utter luxury.

The picture shows them resting quietly in a nest made from cotton stuffing from a huge bale we kept in the loft because we didn't know what to do with it.

So we're now the proud but reluctant landlords of three squirrels...

Yes I know they're vermin, but how can you kill them when they look so sweet?

As soon as they're old enough, with fur and stuff, they're getting the boot and I'm nailing a grill over the hole to prevent further visits.

And the irony?

The squirrels nest is directly next to the squirrel deterrent!

Plus Kay's had a headache ever since we installed the deterrent. Now we have residents I turned it off - the headaches went too!


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