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Thursday, March 08, 2007

"The Apprentice" With Alan Sugar Is Back!

That's right! The BBC has announced that a special version of "The Apprentice" for Red Nose Day. The two part show will be shown on the 15 and 16th March - this may be one to record!

The show has a boy and girl team made up, of course, with celebs.

The boys team have:

  • Alasdair Campbell
  • Danny Baker
  • Piers Morgan
  • Ross Kemp
  • Rupert Everett

And the girls team have:

  • Cheryl Cole
  • Jo Brand
  • Karen Brady
  • Maureen Lipman
  • Trinny Woodhall

The task is for each to run a celeb only event where they have to extract cash from the attendees. The usual boardroom review ensues on the following day.

Looking at the teams I predict the girls will win.

PS I thought they were going to be helped by previous Apprentice winners... but the BBC web site is silent on that point!


Rob Artisan said...


I would prefer them doing Dragon's Den as entrepreneurs trying to get those pompous ares money - all for charity though.

Jim Symcox said...

Nice one Rob! The Dragons might even enjoy parting with their cash for some charity-related projects.


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