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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Are You One Of The Top 50 VIPs On The Web?

I just found this and had to let you know. It's a list from PCWorld that gives the top 50 people on the Web.

On it there's people we all recognise who've built up the landscape we call the Internet.

They include the founders of Google, eBay, Amazon, BitTorrent, RSS, Digg, Fark, and also people you just wont recognise.

Of course the "inventor" of the world wide web and how we use it Sir Tim Berners-Lee is there.

As is Robert Scoble the man who softened Microsoft's image and made them appear human and able to surmount their inevitable stumbles.



Rob Artisan said...


I am going to comment on this on my blog, well spotted.

And well done on the Rochdale v Lincoln City tickets. Who are you taking?


Jim Symcox said...


I'll check out your blog - top 50 lists are always a laugh. Mainly because I agree with some of them, don't know others and think some have been missed off!

As to the match I'm quite looking forward to it...


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