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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Outlook Folder Structure For The Clinically Organised

Yes I admit it I'm over-organised.

I like to put stuff where it belongs. And to that end I've organised all the ezines I subscribe to so that they automatically go into their own folder in Outlook.

Setting up rules in Outlook has always been very simple, except I now have hundreds of rules.

What Rules Do I Use?

I tend to stick to my favourites and the steps the rules go through are these:

  1. Identify the email address or standard part of the subject heading on the email and use it to send to it's own folder
  2. For any ezine I'm no longer interested in - auto delete
  3. For an email from a customer, supplier or business partner - flag it's arrival and say who it's from
  4. Short-term rule check on Internet Marketing campaigns to set the read flag to yes so that I don't bother looking at every email on a new campaign

Organised Folder structure For Outlook Pane

Does Folder Organisation Help?

The simple answer is yes. The reason is that although I simply don't have time to read all the marketing and selling information I can get from the Internet I can store it.

The picture opposite shows about one fifth of the folders I've set-up to hold processed email.

Then when I have a particular aspect I'm interested in I can use the advanced search in Outlook to find other opinions on the subject.


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