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Friday, March 02, 2007

How A Story Can Make You A Star Salesman

I've just got off the phone with our Valentine Poem winner, Matthew.

One of the subjects we discussed was telling stories (the truthful kind) that interest our prospects.

A properly produced story can make an average salesman close more deals than they would otherwise. So they deliver sales like a star salesman.

So what do you need to be able to produce a story that attracts your prospects and gets them to sign on the bottom line?

What about these:

  • An intriguing story title that relates to your prospects industry
  • Statistics that relate to your industry
  • Presentation materials that tell the story
  • A synopsis of the story as your brochure

Each element of these is produced in a way that is different to expectation.

For example the statistics relate to your prospect's industry over time. Another example is that the presentation materials don?t mention your company - or don't mention them until the very end.


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