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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Apprentice: Free Advertising For Its Helpers?

The Apprentice 

Today the Times Reports An "Apprentice storm in a tea cup"!

Apparently senior members of the BBC are worried that the Apprentice has become a plug fest. Where any brand used appears to be highlighted lovingly throughout the series.

So as examples we have the Chrysler Grand Voyagers that the Apprentices use as taxis, Moët & Chandon and the helicopter company Rotormotion.

Then of course we have all the firms that The Apprentice uses to either set the tasks in or to reward the winners.

Everyone, and I include the general public, knows that it helps business for them to appear on TV. If it didn't help do you think they would be so keen to assist with The Apprentice?

Maybe, maybe not.

However, I suspect it really helps the producers get interesting tasks because they can call on people in great businesses for their thoughts and their help.

In the end you have to decide whether the programme is a thinly veiled advert for Sugar's Amstrad e@Mailer machine and all the other products shown during the series or rather more interestingly a snapshot for all of us of a life of luxury that the candidates aspire to.


I hardly even notice the products displayed. In fact until the Times noted that Chrysler cars were used I'd actually thought of the cars as MPV's and that was it.

If others think like me there is no reason for the BBC to get its knickers in a twist.


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