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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fire Disaster Averted For Clued Up Company

DSCF1603For those of us who live in Manchester there was a brief moment of excitement yesterday when one of the old office blocks just outside the city centre caught fire. Along with concern for the people living and working there!

I'd phoned Rob from Artisan to touch base when he told me that he'd got a client in the building. The interesting thing was the client relied heavily on his IT infrastructure. So maybe you're thinking all hell broke loose and he lost his business?

As it turns out Rob's client had the sense to create a disaster recovery plan. As an ex-It person myself I know how often we say you need a disaster recovery plan to clients and they never implement one.

CTI, Rob's client, did have one and he was up and running in a different location within hours.

Rob is going to town on the PR front for CTI because it reflects so well on them for actually walking the talk successfully. Rob's blog post on the CTI disaster recovery and Manchester fire explains in more detail.


1 comment:

Rob Artisan said...


CTI actually urge clients to implement their back-up planning.

I think as you aid they have proven themselves in practice.

They are up and running today; there will be some business that never recover from this


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