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Friday, May 18, 2007

Feedburner's Analysis Of My Top Posts

Look to the right hand column and part way down you'll see an orange button that says "XML" on it.

That's the button that allows you to subscribe to get a feed from this blog and get the up to date content whenever I add a new post.

This feed is managed by Feedburner who through my subscribers provide a view of the most popular pages on the blog.

To give you a view of exactly where people are going I'm showing you the top 8 pages in the last 90 days.

The absolute top page viewed is obviously The Power Marketing For Business Growth home page. The number of views it gets is way, way ahead of any other page.

So onto the next 7 most popular pages

  1.  The Apprentice - So Bad Sir Alan Fired Two
  2.  Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Business Card Too?
  3. The Apprentice To Look Out For Is...
  4. The Rich Jerk: A Scam Or A Great Product?
  5. Is There An Art To Selling Photos?
  6. The Apprentice Without Ethics
  7. 35 Tips For Marketing Your Blog

As you can see The Apprentice pages are high up in the pages views.

Interestingly enough Feedburner gives the site the subscriber came from. In that analysis I've found that I've had loads come from the following:


And lastly, the most searches I've had coming to my blog are Apprentice-related. At the moment searches for Katie Hopkins that land on my blog have soared, whilst those for Tre Azam have dropped.

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