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Friday, May 11, 2007

The "Best" Apprentice Quote Competition - What It's All About

Someone noted that the rules I'd put in for the quote competition weren't clear.

So to make things a bit clearer...

The competition is for you to nominate something said by anyone of the Apprentices, Sir Alan, Margaret or Nick.

The "best" quote I'm looking for is the most ridiculous, stupid, crazy, half-witted, funny, murderous, nonsensical thing any of them say. And yes I know that means you've plenty of material to work with. Or perhaps I'm wrong here and they'll start uttering things that aren't complete bollocks. In which case quote their wise sayings and we'll go for those instead!

Go on have a go, you know you want to...

Maybe the BBC should sponsor this competition and offer a place at the Apprentice final "You're Hired" show?

Anyway, to enter is easy:

  1. Against one of my recent Apprentice posts add a comment
  2. In the comment put the quote you think should win the "best Apprentice Quote Competition"
  3. Include the episode and context you noticed it used and by whom
  4. One week after the end of the series I'll judge who's quote I like the most
  5. It's just for fun, although I will look at your site and link back to it if you win


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