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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Apprentice To Run For At Least 2 Mores Series!

Tara Conlan at the Guardian reports that the BBC has agreed another two series of The Apprentice.

Apparently Sir Alan Sugar is also coming back for more. Although why he needs so many well paid staff I'm not too sure! Who cares though because he's been a consistent diamond in the shows so far.

If you're interested in taking part I'm sure the BBC will be more than pleased to hear from you.  Do you fancy yourself as better than the current series 3 crop? And let's face it who doesn't! Rightly or wrongly!



Rob Artisan said...


How do I occupy myself until the next series?

Any ideas?


Jim Symcox said...


Good point. Maybe we should do The Apprentice Manchester style!


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