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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Would You Like Your Own Blue Plaque Like This?

Jim Symcox - Blue Plaque

Today is my 20th Wedding Anniversary.

So it was great to receive this lovely blue plaque through the post from a coaching client.

He's started up a blue plaque company. Where if you want to celebrate other people you can get them their own personal blue plaque produced.

So now you can get one of these as a bit of fun for birthdays, anniversaries, achievements or just to say they're simply great

It was quite surprising how very pleased I felt to get this plaque. It felt just like winning at a swimming meet or walking across hot coals at a Tony Robbins event.

It now has pride of place in my office with it's magnet attached to my filing cabinet.

So many thanks Matthew. This business is still so new he hasn't got his web site sorted yet. If you fancy a blue plaque like this let me know and I'll pass on your request to him.



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