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Monday, May 21, 2007

Donald Trump A Spent Star?

PHTO0051Well maybe not quite. But he's made it clear that he is not going to go on with The Apprentice (USA) with NBC.

Can he take it through his own production company like I suggested?

I think the format has got a little uninteresting for the American public.

This is something the BBC needs to address early on for their version of The Apprentice.

The USA version has the same format of:

  • Team set-up
  • project manager appointment
  • Task allocation
  • Task design and delivery
  • Boardroom review
  • Boardroom - "you're fired" scene
  • Rinse and repeat

Here's some thoughts about format changes:

  • Put in a one or two individual rounds where all the candidates are competing against each other
  • Allow one round where the candidate to be fired is voted on by the public - needs to be early on
  • The candidates interview applicants for a job at Amstrad (with their agreement of course!)
  • business task simulation that candidates and public can do at the same time
  • Review a business and suggest and justify improvements

But don't make losers sleep out in a tent or make them eat bread and water!


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