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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Apprentice To Look Out For Is ...

The Apprentice

 We've reached the stage where I'm beginning to break the candidates down into groups:

  • Apprentices To Look Out For
  • Apprentices That Annoy
  • Apprentices Who are Flying Under The Radar

Let me explain and show you which Apprentices currently fall into each camp.

The Apprentices who have made useful contributions overall are the ones to look out for. Those whose management ability or personal qualities are obviously lacking are annoying.  And the ones who don't show up much are flying under the radar. Which means either they're as dull as ditchwater, useless or they're going to storm through and win - with thanks to the editing team!

To help me demonstrate these groups I've split them in this table:




 Ifti Chaudri Flying Under The Radar  
 Rory Laing Fired
 Sophie Kain Fired
 Jadine Johnson Annoying

1. Didn't manage team well
2. Kept asking for respect

 Andy Jackson Fired
 Naomi Lay Flying Under The Radar  
 Gerri Blackwood  Fired  
 Simon Ambrose Look Out For
 Katie Hopkins Annoying

1. Doesn't like Adam
2. Has made several poor judgements

 Adam Hosker Annoying

1. Can't keep negative opinions quiet
2. Appears to be difficult to work with


 Lohit Kalburgi Flying Under The Radar 1. Has quietly kept on doing the job
 Kristina Grimes Look Out For 1. May be a bit too "political"
 Ghazal Asif Annoying 1. Couldn't delegate for toffee, or lollipops
 Tre Azam Annoying
 Paul Callaghan Fired
 Natalie Wood Fired


After tonight's episode I'll see whether any of these statuses need to change. Let me know what you think too. Maybe you've seen a much more impressive side to Adam, or you know Katie has hidden depths or maybe Tre really is a rough diamond. 


swineshead said...

He got booted in week two!

And Jadine's not annoying, I reckon she's alright. Doubtless I'll be proved wrong over the next week or two.

Good blog though - we need to use maths and science to get to the heart of the Apprentice.

Jim Symcox said...

Swineshead, you're quite right! Doh! As you say Ifti really left of his own accord.

Jadine seems to have been almost edited to the sidelines for the most recent tasks. Remember how she was pulling back the selling team all the time during the coffee selling task? That would sure annoy me.

And many thanks for the compliment on the blog.

Rob Artisan said...


whether it tells you anything about business other than it is political and there are some characters that win through by playing the game rather than talent is open to discussion.

It can be entertaining. It is the McDonalds equivalent of business TV. Enjoyable but no substance and not to be taken in large quantities.

Katie could get the role as a pantomime villain after she gets kicked out


Jim Symcox said...

Thanks Rob,

I do think you can draw business lessons from the inadequacies of the decisions taken.

Even taking into account the lack of time they all have to prepare.

And playing the game seems to be part of some businesses. You and I have both been there I'm sure!


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