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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Show Business Money Making Business Shows Explode!

That Luang Dragon - Maybe Dragon's Den is located near here? With Peter Jones in attendanceCrikey!

First we have Troubleshooter with Sir John Harvey-Jones and Gerry Robinson. Then we have a few years gap. Then suddenly The Apprentice goes on over in America, we take the format and shoehorn Sir Alan Sugar into The Donald role and voila a triumph.

This sudden apparent interest in business has led to Dragon's Den, Mind Your Business (initially with Duncan Bannatyne) and that awful Sky show with Ruth Badger - the Big Idea. Now there's Teen Tycoon and another Tycoon series (with Peter Jones) called ... Tycoon. And yet another show currently airing on Sky with Ruth badger - although I can't see it because of Virgin Media's stand against Sky's charges.

Anyway, Tycoon really does sound intriguing.

Peter Jones has picked 6 people and set them up in a flat in London where they're working on and in their businesses. Peter Jones has given them £10,000 start-up capital and is issuing further bonuses as they progress from £100,000. He will also close down businesses that he thinks are performing poorly.

It's a 6 week series and start in June and sounds as though it has potential. Competitors include:

  • Tom Thurlow(17) - teenage newspaper magnate
  • Elizabeth Hackford -  natural fruit and alcoholic drink for women
  • Iain Morgan (29) - toy helicopter importer (from China of course!)
  • Lauren Pope - clip in extensions made from real hair
  • Justin Chieffo - Environmentally friendly carrier bag dispenser
  • Helen James and Cathy Caudwell-Todd - gardening clothes

The businesses are currently running and an early leader is Iain Morgan who's already sold 250 of his toy helicopters.


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