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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Apprentice: Do You Think This Is The Winner?

I saw Sir Alan Sugar on Jonathan Ross's show last night.

He was very entertaining although he did have a bit of a go at the armchair critics who are all saying how the candidates aren't doing as well as they should.

He does have a point. We aren't in the situation where someone comes along gives us a couple of hundred quid, a van and says go and sell something.

But really if these people are that good they should rise to the challenge and not make simple mistakes.

As just a few examples:

  • Moving a selling team making money from a successful pitch
  • Calling an e-number-ridden lollipop natural
  • Using a baked bean can as a kind of stove to heat sausages
  • Buying bulk cheddar to sell to the French
  • Going round in circles trying to buy nigella seeds
  • Just sitting at a pitch trying to sell coffee in an area where there are a large number of cheaper cafes
  • Selling face painting at a fiver a time
  • Selling kisses

There are so many. They don't require business acumen. They just require a tinge of commonsense.

Now, back to who is likely to win The Apprentice UK?

Putting my neck on the line at the half-way point I'll predict that Miss Smugness (Kristina Grimes) will sweep all before her. Rather like a snow plough cutting through the motorway drifts!



Rob Artisan said...


I think Tre will come out a winner.

He probably will not win the competition but he will become a little bit of a media star.

The others are a little bit forgettable although Katie will be known as a major xxxxx (fill in as you feel) and will be a loser whether she wins or not as she has shown such a nasty side that a lot of people will remember and it will come back on her for some time to come. As for Naomi she better hope that video does not get out unless she wants an unsavoury change of career.

It all lots of fun


Jim Symcox said...

Thanks Rob,

I can't see Tre winning. Although I think you're right because he's so volatile it makes interesting watching. "What will Tre say next..?"


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