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Monday, May 14, 2007

Book Review: Internet Riches by Scott Fox

Scott Fox has written a useful book for the Internet marketing newbie. If you know about the Internet, affiliates, pay per click, search engine optimisation and email newsletters you're more advanced and would be served better reading Dave Taylor's The Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business with Google

There is a lot of material both on and off-line in Internet Riches for the aspiring
Internet marketer. Having said that Fox's book is designed to help you learn what many have spent months,even years discovering from the Internet, ebooks and "normal" books.

Internet Riches splits easily into 6 parts:

  1. The Unlimited Opportunity of The Internet
  2. Developing Your Own e-Business Model
  3. Building Your Internet Millionaire e-Business
  4. Internet Marketing Secrets For Your e-Business
  5. Legal Issues and Admin
  6. Graduation - Starting Your Own Dream Business

At the beginning of the book Fox explains the currently almost unlimited potential of the Internet and he introduces three types of Internet-created millionaires:

  1. The Efficiency Millionaire
  2. The Product Millionaire
  3. The Niche Millionaire

Usefully he gives examples of each type so they can be looked up on the Internet.

Efficiency millionaires are those that have made life easier for lots of people. Think of Yahoo and Google, eBay, Amazon & YouTube.

The Product millionaire provides cheaper products, or greater ranges of products and is able to simply dominate the market for their products. Think of Amazon again and

Finally the Niche millionaire is one that sells to a tightly defined niche. Think of or

Dotted strategically throughout the book are little "bits" called Internet Millionaire secrets where Fox explains an example in more detail, or gives an aside or explains how to  achieve something on the Internet.

The book continues through the next 4 parts explaining in quite a bit of helpful detail how to create and set-up your own internet business.

This is started with the identification of the best business model specifically for you using the ICICLE method. It leads into buying a domain name and web host service and continues into building a web site with shopping carts.

Fox explains about eBay, giving some of its pluses and minuses. A plus is you get sell cheaply. A minus your brand is swallowed up by the eBay selling machine.

He explains about using Craigslist to find people to do research ,or almost anything else for you.

Arriving at part 4 of the book Fox explains about the importance of search engine optimisation and how email newsletters are vital to your selling efforts.

He explains how pay per click advertising works and also how you can use this with affiliate marketing.
One part of Fox's book that will appeal to newbies are his appendices. They include some service  providers on the internet, how to research on the Internet and also a great glossary of terms.

The other star attraction of the book is that Fox uses a web site to keep the content up to date.

The book does give the grounding for newbies to begin to use the Internet to make money. Will it truly provide them with Internet riches? If they just rely on this book the answer is a simple no.

However, if they use the book as intended it can act as starting blocks in the Internet Millionaire marathon to get you going on raising cash the Internet way.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice review of Internet Riches. Your summary was right on target - I wrote the book to help newbies discover the huge self-employment potential online.
Updates and a free email newsletter on e-business startup topics are available at my web site at any time.
Best regards,
Scott Fox
Author, Internet Riches

Jim Symcox said...


My pleasure. It's always useful for newbies to have helpful resources. Your book is certainly that.

This review should also be on blogcritics soon.

Good luck with your own Internet riches!


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