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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Awful Truth About Emailed Courses

My web site has a six part course on online and offline marketing.

I can almost hear you yawning and reaching for the <next blog> button.

"So what's new", you think?

See, that's exactly the problem. We've got so used to email courses being yet more of stuff we already knew that we lump them together and file under - "more email to wade through".

And Yet...

Not all email courses are created equal.

I know I've subscribed and read a huge number. I started reading them when they first surfaced on the Internet. A perk of originally having fast access to the Internet as part of my job! That's going back a long, long time to the early nineties.

There are great email courses that I was pleased to take, like Perry Marshall's Adwords course.

Of course there were others, that shall remain nameless, that were simply recycling bits of web sites or 'borrowing' from other courses.

The consequence of so much choice and the lack of knowledge about what are the good ones tars most email courses with the same brush. We sign up to them but then treat them as unimportant and almost like spam.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find a site that checks all email courses for us and gives them a rating and a brief summary of the content?

There's already a great site that acts like a stock index of marketing gurus which seems like fun. There are also sites that review gurus, such as

I notice I'm not on these sites yet. But one day ...

So come on if you know a site that rates email courses let me know and put me out of my misery! Or maybe I should do one myself...

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