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Friday, September 23, 2005

Do You Flush Your Life Down The Toilet?

I was looking at all the copy I've written over the past 6 months. Some of it written at ridiculous times of the night too.

I suddenly though the Internet is a great tool. This is no great news I know.

But I also thought it can waste your life too.

The reason is that all my life I've kept learning new stuff. Even copywriting has nuances that change what, or how you write. Marketing changes all the time. Not in fundamentals but in application.

So I use books, seminars and of course the Internet to learn about super advanced marketing and coywriting. Does it help? Yes. Is it worth the time investment?

You know I'm not sure.

You see I realised that you can get sucked into following links to more and more interesting and useful stuff. It all takes time to review and check.

Also the Internet really has no editors so how do I know the stuff is ok? I need to check other sites or read my books, or review my seminar notes. Time slips away.

Also like you I use email. I get around one hundred every week. Granted some are spam or can be deleted because I've answered a question. But almost all of them used to get read.

Again it's time reading emails. Time you'll never get back again.

If you're not careful the Internet can claim a large portion of your life without you even realising it.

Now I'm more aware of it I've set rules up to divert mail from my inbox to folders so that it only gets looked at if I need the information immediately. Everything else can wait. If it's a book offer, an online seminar, a new marketing book they'll all be offered again.

I'm still using the Internet but now I use it for specific things not simply to surf.

Is it helping?

I'm getting more done.

I think that answers my question!

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