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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Inernet Marketers - Don't Get Hacked! Find out how to keep your computer safe .... Internet Marketing Security

I agree with the sentiments expressed by Nick Temple here.

I used to work in IT myself and was very hot on making sure backups were present.

I suspect that I may well have misread his site but I didn't see any information as to whether you might be affected if you're on a computer run by a long-standing Internet hosting company like One and One

The other thing I'd draw from this is that I too have had bitter experience from backups not working so I'm currently use Acebit to backup but I'm going to try the TK8 Backup to see if it's any better.

The other thing I must do is remember to move the backup DVDs to another location. My garage, which is separate to the house, springs to mind at the moment.

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