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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Is This The Slow Death of Business Blogging?

It seems like only a few short weeks ago that people were saying that a business had better start blogging or miss out on the stampede.

More businesses are blogging but I suspect that as there are so many blogs floating around finding your target market is next to impossible.

When it comes down to it whether you have a marketing strategy for using a blog or not it's the ego of the contributor that is really running it.

Yes I admit it. This blog takes time from work that I could be doing for customers. Which is why you sometimes see posts at one, or later, in the morning.

But it's also quite useful to get things off your chest and it remains a good excuse to check out the internet for useful marketing or self-development tools.

The blog I've linked to makes interesting reading. But what really made it for me were the comments at the end. John Cass has done some research about company blogging and provides links to the research. He also has some interesting comments about.

So what? Should you stop blogging?

The answer depends on your strategy.

Of course you remember that a blog is simply one more marketing tool.

You may be interested to note that Jay Abraham is still blogging and Gary Halbert writes an ad-hoc letter site - that is really a blog but not named as such.

So if those two marketing geniuses are doing it perrhaps it is worth doing after all.

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