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Monday, September 26, 2005

"How to Develop Above Average Advertising"

Just look at the advertising that's out there. It may be in prestigious magazines, high circulation newspapers, county wide radio or country-wide TV.

But if it's ineffective advertising you wont get your sales. I've looked at specialist SME magazines, like "EN" or "Talking Business" or "Mind YOur Own Business" and cut out the adverts in there thinking to write to the business owners to suggest some things that would help them produce Ads that work.

But I held back.

Do you know why?

The simple reason is that people settle. They settle for what they're getting. Yet they could get much more.

Say the advert gets them 10 leads and 1 sale. Lets say that makes the ad break-even. They justify it by saying they're getting exposure. Who wants exposure. You want sales don't you?

Wouldn't you prefer to run an Ad that get 15 leads and converts 2 or 30 leads and converts 5 to customers?

Unless you look seriously at how you're producing and running Ads you're not making the most of the money you're sinking into them. Anyway.

This blog really helps the busy business owner start to get to grips with writing Ads that work. It'll pay you to read it and apply some of the suggestions it gives. Plus I'd recommend signing up to The Achiever's Edge (I'm an affiliate so make a commission on it but that's not the reason to sign-up!). The reason is that Peter Thompson who runs it interviews some really great people on it and "The Wizard of Ads" is one of them. I'm not exactly sure when the interview is due to be 'aired' but it's a good one (actually it's split over 2 months).

But the Achiever's Edge is actually very useful for marketing and sales generally as it's on a CD so you get to fill the dead time commuting with useful information for your business.

Even my 11 year old has enjoyed listening to some of the interviews we've heard over the years!

I've also written an article that explains more about branding and direct response advertising. To get a copy just leave me a comment and I'll send you a copy. If you advertise just be aware that unless you use direct response advertising you're letting your money pour down the drains.

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