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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The One Amazing And Completely Unexpected Organisation That Gary Halbert Recommends for Hurriance Katrina Relief

I almost can't belive this.

I've just read Gary's letter on his amazing free newsletter site (great if you want to learn to write gripping copy).

He's recommending that we use a specific organisation to give our donations to. It's not one that normally trips off the tongue like the Red Cross or similar.

It's one that I for one didn't even know dealt with disasters at all.

But it turns out they do. Not only that but they out organised the US miltary on disaster relief for Hurriance Hugo and they have incredibly low overheads so money donated goes direct to the relief operation. You can even say the money must be spent on Hurriance Katrina.

Go check out what Gary says. This wasn't originally from Gary it's actually as a result of a letter from a subscriber.

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