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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Painless Self Promotion

Isn't it amazing.

You find an article on a topic close to your heart and you follow-up to check the author's blog and find this ...

It's a great little blog.

But the thing I really noticed first off was the comment about proper blogging Suzanne made which was,

" I used to talk about this type of writing as 'microscopic truthfulness'. Really getting at the heart of what's going on"

Fundamentally that's what I believe is at the heart of blogging.

I'm certainly sick of fluff, half-truths and hype.

I for one am going to continue to try to be as honest about what I think as possible. Although having said that I may have the odd rant but it's never directed at anyone specifically.

Certainly blogging can keep the media on their toes. Sometime blogs are ahead of the media - and sometimes they get it wrong too.

As always buyer beware when it comes to choosing which blogs to go with and believe!

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