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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Is This The Best Strategy For Marketing?

I thought I'd comment on an email I got from Jo Han Mok at Midas Marketing. He noted that some people have enormous lists that people do joint ventures with and pull next to nothing.

If you've done anything on the Internet you'll also be on these guys lists where all they do is give you stuff that everyone else is doing.

As I'm on most of the big boy lists I get all these offers direct from the horses mouth and then get the same offers drip fed through the affiliates.

It makes for an easy way to delete mail. But I just wonder why some of these affiliates I get mail from don't look further than their nose. Yes they're making money. But who's getting the real money for all the work they're doing? It's not them.

But it's not just that. It's the hyped way the emails come across because they all use pretty much the same wording and refer to their best mate Mr X who has theis groundbreaking package/offer/video whatever that they're offering exclusively to you.

Jo gives some pointers that I fully agree with. These are (points edited for brevity):

Start of Points >>>>>>>>
Power Pointer #1: It's NOT the size
I rather have a list of a 1000 people who have
spent at least $97 than a list of 3 billion people who
have not spent a dime with me.

Power Pointer #2: Give MORE value
Majority of Internet Marketers fall into this
category. Every email is a pitch. Buy this, then buy
that. Let me promote anything under the sun. Doesn't
matter if it's garbage, as long as I get my

Leave this to the amateurs. Probably aside from
sending emails to their list, they have no other means
of making dough online.
If you wanna squeeze MAXIMUM profits from your list,
you gotta give. Give more, and learn to 'hold out'
from all that pitching.

Power Pointer #3: Focus
If you want to make the most number of sales you
possibly can ... focus.
Concentrate on ONE product, and have a CONGRUENT

Marketing bozos on the other hand will have a 'buffet
spread' of 72 hour specials alongside with an exlusive
'buy my ebook and you get my mother as well' type of

When people are confused, they DOn'T buy.
If you get a poor response intially, try to 'tweak'
your offer and your marketing mechanisms and see what
happens. It could be anything, but
unless you test and monitor your results, you wouldn't

Power Pointer #4: DARE to be different.
If you have your own unique spin on things, do it.

You can stand your ground and you don't need anyone
else's permission.

I'll give you an example.
Most 'bozo' marketers online are followers.
They see a 'fire sale', they come up with a 'fire
sale'. They see a 'source code blowout', they come up with a 'blowout'.
They see a 'Private lable package', they come up with a 'Private Label Package'.
They see a 'Content Publishing system', they come up with a 'Content Publishing System'.

Yet if you look at them and ask yourself what they
'REALLY' do, there's only one answer. They're anything
and everything that makes money.

That's cool, but where's your business longevity?
Where's your 'identity'?
Where's your 'brand'?
How are people EVER gonna relate to you?

End of Points >>>>>>>>

What's your conclusion are they doing the right thing or does Jo have a great set of points? Let me know.

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