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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why Blogs Are Beating Out Ezines ... And Matter So Much to Your Platform

I agree with what this author is saying. RSS and blogs are going to take over from ezines. Firstly the consumer has more choice over what they receive and secondly Blogs are much more immediate.

Suzanne makes the point that lists have declined over the last few years.

Simply taking a straw poll of friends I've noticed that people subscribe but then don't read them.

I've set up Outlook rules that moves ezines to their own folders and then I read them as and when. That could easily be 4 to 6 weeks later in some cases.

People are getting more ruthless too. Rather than having 400 emails clogging their inbox waiting to be read they're using the delete key and they're simply assuming that they're not important.

In fact one person said to me. "if one of those emails was important I'll get another or they'll phone me."

People just don't have the time to read.

Blogs allow you to be notified of new content and to do a quick check of the content. Then scan it if you want or ignore and next!

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