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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Are You Guilty Of These Leadership Mistakes

Management Issues reports on a survey by consultancy the Ken Blanchard Group.

In it the leaders and managers surveyed said:

41%  felt "inappropriate" use of communication or listening was their biggest mistake
25%+ felt they over or under supervised people
14% thought they had a lack of management skills
12% said there was a lack of support
5% felt a lack of accountability
82% noted a failure to provide appropriate feedback to others
81% suggested failing to listen or involve others
75% said inappropriate leadership style for situation used
76% failure to set clear goals and objectives
Nearly 60% said leaders failed to train and develop people

Yet we all know business is being conducted as we speak. Contracts are signed, projects completed, clients delighted, invoices are raised and paid without quibble.

Now here's a thought...

Maybe we don't need everyone to be a leader. Maybe it's good enough to be an administrator or a manager.

Think about a company stuffed to the gills with leaders.

I think we'd all soon be complaining about over communication, too many courses and too many goals and objectives.

Nett result?

Too little time to do our real job.

Please save me from the over zealous consultant trying to make everyone fit into their precisely defined and highly specific role model.

 Life is fuzzy, let leaders rise to the top and let the rest manage as they do now.

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